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St Giles’ Christmas Tree Festival

Christmas Tree Festival

On Friday 27th November, Chestnut class decorated the St Luke’s School designated Christmas tree at St Giles’ Church.  In the Christmas Tree Festival there were 30 trees.  This was formally opened later that day.  We were pleased to see that ours was the largest and had a prime position; it could not be missed, particularly with the huge star on top from our Reception children!  All other children who had created stars in school also had these hung on the tree.  The tree looked lovely and we were grateful for the squash and biscuits afterwards.  Rev Dumbreck also helped us to find out lots of information about St Giles’ Church.  The lady who served us refreshments commented on how beautifully the children behaved and what good questions they asked.  Chestnut class had a fun and informative morning; they even found where St Luke was hiding in the church!