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The role parents play in their child’s development is hugely valued here at St Luke’s and we work to try and give you as much information and support as possible. The partnership between home and school is vital to ensure your child reaches their full potential. As well as the advertised information evenings that we run in the Autumn term we are also building up a library of useful links that you may find fun to work on with your child. Click on the curriculum area below.


Phonics       Writing       Maths

The following clip models the pronunciation of the English Phonic code which is key to helping you child with their reading, particularly in the early stages of their school life.


Useful websites   This site gives some useful information about Phonics. It also shows the 6 phases that the children will go through in their learning. Click on the Phases on the left hand side of the screen to find some interactive games, some of which the children will already be familiar with having played them in school.