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The role parents play in their child’s development is hugely valued here at St Luke’s and we work to try and give you as much information and support as possible. The partnership between home and school is vital to ensure your child reaches their full potential. As well as the advertised information evenings that we run in the Autumn term we are also building up a library of useful links that you may find fun to work on with your child. Click on the curriculum area below.


Phonics         Writing         Maths

Key Stage 1

I can recognise o’clock times.

I can add and take away different number sentences.

I can recognise 1 and 10 more or less

I can build simple number sentences

Lower Key Stage 2

I can understand how place value works

I can derive and recall multiplication facts 

I can understand the properties of shapes and classify them 

Upper Key Stage 2

A great site, that the children use in school as part of the maths lessons

I can use addition and subtraction in a game of strategy

I can solve a problem using logic

I can understand decimal place

I can use place value when working out area and perimeter