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Please find below a selection of the comments written about our school by visitors to the school, as well as a selection of the comments left by parents on the most recent Parental survey. Click here for the most recent survey results

If you would like to comment on either our school or website please click here.

Willow Class Assembly – May 2014

  • Splendid assembly – the children looked happy and confident. They obviously enjoyed learning about life cycles and food
  • We really enjoyed willow class assembly – so carefully thought through and well orchestrated.
  • A really enjoyable assembly – fantastic! Perfect length too
  • Lovely to see all the children involved and to hear what they are up to

Maple Class Assembly April 2014

  • Lovely as usual – good to see programming
  • Very new for me, I enjoyed so much this assembly. I feel the children look so happy learning in joy, pleasure and great attention – Well done, I’m so impressed

February 2014 – The Big Write celebration assembly

  • The assembly was great I really enjoyed the plot
  • It was amazing to see how anything so simple can be used so great in teaching children so well and great for writing
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the assembly, it is lovely to hear about how the children are learning and especially as we are new to the school to see how it progresses
  • The children weren’t looking forward to it but they really enjoyed it, I felt is was very worthwhile
  • Brilliant. Really inspired idea around the box and the story around it with the travelling circus was wonderful. Great to open this up to parents – lets us see the hard, exciting work the school is doing. Thanks!
  • Great idea around the stolen trunk. Great to see progressing students winning awards
  • Good to come o the children can see how much we value “Good writing” – great approach, really engaging interest, and seeing progression

June 2013 – ‘History off the Page’ Teacher 

Note: History off the Page’ is an external organisation that working with Years 4, 5 and 6 in school

  • The childrens behaviour throughout the days we worked here was exemplary, attentive and enthusiastic. Excellent!

June 2013 – Music Assembly Parent Comments:

  • This was a fantastic assembly! Such talented children! Thank you for inviting parents to attend this. I really liked that children were encouraged to approach their teacher about any instrument they may now be inspired to learn.
  • Really wonderful assembly. Great inspiration for children who maybe do not have an exposure to playing music. Well done Mrs Gent and Caroline – fantastic as always.


9th May 2013 – Open Day Comments:

  • Very impressed – thank you.
  • Lovely atmosphere, engaged children, very informative tour thank you.
  • Very welcoming, visible improvements since last visit 6 months ago. Lovely library.
  • Great to see the children so obviously engaged. Very nice atmosphere. Thank you.
  • Lovely school, very impressed, thank you.
  • Best school ever, very impressed.
  • BThanks for being so open and keen to show your strengths.
  • We really enjoyed seeing your school – thank you.


February 2013 – Parental Survey

Below are a selection of comments. (View the complete survey in full.)

  • My child is very happy at St Luke’s and seems to be making excellent progress. Staff are fantastic (including Teaching Assistants, Learning Support Assistants s and all support staff). I am so pleased that my family has become part of this fabulous community.
  • The staff are amazing and a provide a nurturing enviroment in which my daughter is thriving.
  • The school has a real personal touch, and each child is well known by the staff and other children. I know my child feels liked, important and an integral part of the school community
  • Quality of teaching generally very high now and children love their school.
  • That the teachers & head teacher make time to listen to my concerns & respond appropriately. A strong emphasis is placed on fostering good lines of communication between parents & teachers.
  • I feel that all staff are outstanding. It is great that they are normally in the playground before the bell. The Newsletters (both before and now) are also excellent.