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Pupil Premium 2014-15

Below is a summary of how our PPG was spent in 2014/2015 with evidence of outcomes and impact.

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received
Total number of pupils on roll 195
Total number of pupils eligible for PPG 37
Amount of PPG received per pupil £1,471
Total Amount of PPG £54,453


Detailed Spending Allocation

Activity or Intervention Pupil Premium Funding Aims Evidence of impact on pupil attainment
1:1 Teacher tutoring after school £500 Improve academic progress in Phonics and Maths aimed at pupils that are below age related expectation and at risk of not making accelerated progress 3/4 of the pupils who accessed tutoring after school made 4 or more pts progress through the year.
1:1 Home tutor


£1,500 To promote and improve a positive home learning environment aimed at pupils that are below age related expectation and at risk of not making accelerated progress 50% of the pupils who accessed tutoring after school made 4 or more pts progress through the year. Home/ school relationships were developed and positive feedback was received from all the parents about the home learning experience. This will be reconsidered in the new year as to whether this is a useful intervention with the lower than expected progress rate.
Reading Recovery 1:1 teacher intervention £8,000 Improve academic progress in Reading where a significant gap exists to peers Pupils made between 2 and 4 points progress in the 3 months they completed the programme.
1:1 Pupil Premium teacher, in school intervention £17,000 Improve academic progress in Reading and Writing where a significant gap exists to peers 76.9% of pupils made good or better progress through the year. 46.9% made 4 pts progress and 30% made 6pts progress in the targeted area.

3 pupils did not make expected progress despite intervention.

All except one pupil met their specific objective during their 7 week intervention – this was sustained in writing after the end of the intervention.

Every Child Counts 1:1 teacher intervention £8,000 Improve academic progress in Maths where gaps in Maths knowledge are affecting progress Pupils made on average 18 months progress in Number (assessed using Sandwell test) during their 8-10 week programme.
Reception Literacy Project


£1,500 To develop early reading and writing skills for children in the foundation stage All pupils showed enthusiasm and motivation for writing and reception data shows that 66% of the class exited at NE’s as opposed to 40% on entry.
Nuffield Early Language Project


£1,500 To gain a greater grasp of the English language, increasing the vocabulary of those children new to English or those with limited vocabulary PP pupils who accessed this intervention achieved made accelerated progress and reached NE in EYFS making relationships, and although exiting the year slightly below NE in Literacy and communication/ language had progressed over 18 months in these areas. Pre and post language assessments showed high impact with scores in picture vocabulary test doubling.
First Class at Number £2,000 To identify and address gaps and misconceptions in previous maths learning where gaps exist between Pupil Premium children and their peers Pupils made on average 8 months progress within their 12 – 14 week programme.
TA mentoring scheme


£500 To offer children time to talk about issues at home affecting their self esteem and behaviour. Positive relationships were developed through the mentoring scheme and behavioural incidents decreased for all pupils.
In class TA support £6,000 An increased awareness and focus on the learning or children that are in receipt of the PP funding through a range of in class interventions and small group work. Progress for Pupil Premium children across the school was good this year with their progress matching that of their peers in year groups where there is no discernible gap and where a gap exists a greater proportion are exceeding the expected progress when compared with their peers
Lunch time “Me Time” club £2,000 To provide children with a safe place to talk and share their experiences and difficulties at lunchtime All pupils engage positively and less lunchtime incidents were recorded. All teachers report a positive change in behaviours.
Residential trip support £880 To enable children from disadvantaged families to access the trips Pupils attended and participated fully in school trips. Better relationships were developed between pupils, peers and staff.
Art therapy £2,200 To give a safe environment for children to talk about home life

– To improve self esteem and sense of self worth

The pupils who accessed art therapy have shown an improvement in behaviour and self esteem both at home and at school. Pupils record positive experiences of art therapy. Art therapy was a positive contributor to pre exclusion plans that enabled pupils to sustain a school placement.
Breakfast club, ASC and other extra curricular activities £4,700 To provide clubs for those who will benefit, to target attendance and punctuality/ breakfast, to allow creative outlets for pupil development X pupils accessed breakfast club – this had a positive impact on attendance for X raising attendance for each pupil by an average of 4%


1 pupil accessed drum lessons, this encouraged an outlet for anger and gave a positive future choice.

SRS/ Phonic interventions £4,000 To support pupils struggling with phonics by working with pupils and parents in varying forms dependent on need. All pupils made accelerated progress and alphabet code knowledge improved on average by 20 sounds. In addition all pupils who had not passed phonics test in year 1 passed it this round.

Year 1 phonics test percentage achieving NE level raised by 8%



Total Pupil Premioum Grant funding from September 2014 to July 2015 £54,453
Total money spent on pupil premium intervention £60,280
(Negative amount indicates the school funded Pupil Premium activities greater than the grant)