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More Able Children

At St Luke’s, we believe that children can be More able or Gifted and Talented at academia, sports, the arts, languages or other significant skills. In line with our school ethos, we recognise and value children’s individual development in all areas and work with individual children and their parents to enable them to reach their maximum potential. Through consultation with parents, staff, children and governors, we have developed the following 2 simple definitions for our work with more able children.

More Able children:  At St Luke’s, more able children are pupils who perform consistently in one subject or a range of subjects above national peer expectation.

Gifted and Talented children:  Gifted and talented children are those with one or more abilities developed to a level which is exceptionally ahead of that of their peers nationally.

At the beginning of every academic year, we review all children in school to identify those who are More Able and separately those we would identify as Gifted and Talented. This process is carried out collaboratively between staff, parents and children. We, as a staff team, use the above definitions to identify children for the more academic subjects and let parents and children know how we will support them through the year.

At this initial stage, we write to all parents seeking any information that they may have that would identify their child which school would be unaware of, for example a sport outside of the curriculum. Staff throughout school will use the resulting list to ensure children are challenged and stretched with additional opportunities being offered and incorporated into the curriculum, meeting individual children’s needs. Parents are offered a the opportunity to book a slot with the school Inclusion Manager, who has responsibility for More Able children, at every parents evening to discuss their child’s needs. In order to take into consideration the children’s thoughts and opinions around the subject of the More Able we include questions in the annual children’s survey.

We do not have a set list of the activities that support More able and Gifted children as we aim to be creative in meeting their individual needs, however below are some typical ways in which children’s needs can be met.

  • Quality first teaching, ensuring that teaching and activities in lessons is matched to children’s needs.
  • Small group work in lesson time with a teach
  • Individual pupil challenge work in lesson time
  • Invitation to Maths master classes run throughout Cambridge
  • CB4 cluster of school Challenge events run half termly
  • Small focused groups with Teaching assistants, focused on higher order skills
  • Sign posting children and parents to extra curricular activities
  • Promote clubs and external groups within school
  • Link to outreach events with other schools and colleges and universities
  • Buddying children and classes throughout the school where appropriate

We are currently working towards the NACE (National Association for Able Children in Education) Challenge Award. For more information on this award, click on the following link