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Year 6 – Rowan Class

A  year 6 group which enjoys working together, sharing ideas, celebrating successes and supporting each other in their learning.  The children in Rowan represent the ‘more senior’ end of the school, they embrace responsibility (having  jobs such as setting up assembly and being lunch buddies) and always try to be fabulous role models to the rest of the school!

See what we’re learning about in Rowan class by clicking on the picture below!


An idea of what we get up to during the day

Generally in the mornings we are busy with literacy, numeracy and various reading activities.  We often start the day with an opportunity to reflect upon work already completed, checking and responding to marking, reflecting upon where improvements could be made and clarifying misunderstandings or areas of difficulty. Everybody in the class is encouraged to explain their ideas as much as possible, we have lots of opportunity for discussion and feel that ‘talk’ is an important aspect of learning.  We do also have calm and quiet moments where all of the children are encouraged to work reflectively and independently!

In the afternoons, we are generally found to be working on other areas of the curriculum and learn about science, art, RE, music and, of course, P.E (to name a few)!

The class is lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of being taught by subject specialists throughout the year.  They learn French with a teacher from one our local secondary schools as well as some specialist PE coaching.


Rowan class have a piece of writing homework and a mathematical investigation/problem  to work on each week. We talk about each piece of homework in class and the children have opportunities to talk about what they  are planning to do (as well as share ideas about how to make a start on it). Children also have a reading folder which is intended to generate ideas and discussion about their own reading.

Mrs Tucker