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Year 3 – Redwood Class

Welcome to Redwood class and Year 3!  Year 3 is such an exciting year as the children start to build upon their reading and writing skills and they begin to get to grip with the different genres of writing such as report writing, instructions and adventure stories. The children also are encouraged to undertake their work with a greater degree of independence together with a greater emphasis on presentation in everything we do, be it a sketch, recording an experiment, solving a numeracy problem, a worksheet(!) and of course our writing!

See what we’re learning about in Redwood class by clicking on the picture below!



Here is a small insight into what you will see in Redwood class….

Each morning begins with a number or word challenge on the board whilst the children settle down. Some children will go directly to their places and review the previous day’s work (when appropriate) to make sure they’re ‘on the right track’ and to move them onto the next step in their learning. We then spend the rest of the morning concentrating on writing, reading and numeracy. Our guided reading sessions are a time of great activity where we read as a small group and discuss the books, improve our comprehension and respond to the text in a variety of ways such as drawing, model making and improving/changing words as well as working on our dictionary and thesaurus skills. We work in smaller groups for this and focus specifically on the week’s spelling rule, sentence work and grammar! The remainder of the morning is spent on literacy and numeracy. For literacy a unit of work will often include a period of immersion into the topic (e.g. adventure stories), a time of imitation before finally producing a piece (or pieces) of independent work. Numeracy is segmented into 2 main areas; the number challenges (currently the Table Mountain) to improve fact recall and increase mental calculation speed; and the more familiar ‘written method’ maths. Both of which ultimately assist with solving real life problems.

The afternoons then follow a broadly set routine. On Monday we have Science, Tuesday we have Art and Music, Wednesday (for the Autumn tern at least) is outdoor PE/Games (and if the weather uncooperative we sneak into the barn), Thursday is Topic (either Geography or History depending upon the time of year) and Friday afternoons are spend reflecting the week’s work, over-coming any problems that may have surfaced through our PSHE lesson and circle time, indoor PE/gymnastics and the ever popular Show and Tell. Children are encouraged to bring in objects that they think will interestthe other children in the class. We encourage children to speak articulately to our class and they are asked questions from the other children about what they have said. We encourage high quality language and discuss our word choices to improve the effectiveness of the speaking. French, RE, Handwriting and Computing (new for this year) is also accommodated during part of the less hectic afternoon sessions. DT is typically blocked at the most appropriate part of the term. You can see how busy the timetable gets!


Children are set half termly Extended Learning Challenges. These challenges will cover a range of subjects from Literacy to art and science to ICT. They are set 3 challenges and are strongly encouraged to complete at least one.


Spellings related to the spelling rule or pattern of the week are completed during the Guided Reading carousel and culminate in a Friday test (copies of these can be sent home for extra practice but they are routinely revisited throughout the week leading up to the test). A selection of age expectation words will be sent home on a half termly basis which (at present) will not be formally tested.

If you have any questions about the term ahead, please do not hesitate to ask.

Miss Cooper