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Reception – Oak Class

Welcome to Oak Class

Oak Class is home to the youngest children in our school, our Reception Class. This is an important year at school and we aim to make the children’s stay in the class a happy and positive one. As usual, we have children from all over the world in Oak class and we are enjoying learning about and celebrating all our differences, as well as our similarities.

See what we’re learning about in Oak class by clicking on the picture below!



Children develop very quickly in this formative year at school and we aim to provide opportunities for every child to make good progress whilst they are with us. Through play the children explore and develop learning experiences, which help them make sense of the world. They come to understand the need for rules and how to control themselves, as well as testing out ideas and practising skills. They learn to communicate with others, as they solve problems and investigate possibilities. They also learn to think creatively on their own, as well as alongside other children.

Throughout the year, we will have a daily phonics session, where the children will learn phonemes (sounds), which will help them with their reading and writing. We will also have daily opportunities for counting, calculating and problem solving. Art and music, construction and science, PE and RE are all part of our week in Oak Class. At different points during the year, we will also have such activities as Parent Reading Sessions and Show and Tell.

We like to work in partnership with parents and encourage all the children to complete at least one of the Extended Learning Challenges which are set each half term. The children also take home books to share with their parents and are encouraged to complete a phonics book, which reinforces their learning at school. A little later in the year, the children also take home a maths folder with games to play with family at home. During the summer term, we send home simple words for the children to learn to recognise and spell.

Mrs BlakeWe are committed to providing warm and caring relationships and stimulating opportunities so that the young children in Oak class are happy, engaged and on track to reach their full potential. If you have any questions or want to discuss things further, please just ask.

Mrs Blake