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Year 2 – Holly Class

Welcome to Holly class and Year 2!  Year 2 is such an exciting year as the children start to apply their reading and writing skills and they begin to fly. They soon realise that the world is their oyster!

See what we’re learning about in Holly class by clicking on the picture below!



Here is a small insight into what you will see in Holly class.

Each morning begins with Early Work and this activity is intended to get the children’s brains thinking first thing in the morning! The work varies in its content; it may be linked to their targets or a piece of work from the previous day or it may be something philosophical for the children to think about! It is shared on the white board each morning and the children are expected to ‘write away’ whilst the register is being taken. This is then followed by our daily phonics session. The children learn a new phoneme each day and they learn to apply this new sound in their reading and writing activities. We also learn a ‘tricky word’ each day and these are the words that don’t necessarily obey all the rules that we have learnt. Such is the English language!

We then spend the rest of the morning immersed in writing, reading and numeracy activities. We try and make as much of our learning practical, as children learn best through ‘doing’ rather than just ‘listening’.

The afternoons then follow a set routine. On Monday we have a concentrated handwriting session, on Tuesday we have Science and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), Wednesday is Physical Education (PE), Thursday is Art with Mrs Hore.

On Friday morning the children have their weekly spelling test, followed by Religious Education (RE) and a Numeracy investigation. In the afternoon, the children have their weekly Music lesson with Mrs Woolf and then there’s the infamous Show and Tell. Children are encouraged to bring in objects that they think will really excite the other children in the class. We encourage children to speak articulately to our small audience of Holly class and they are asked questions from the other children about what they have said. We try and incorporate any new language that we have learnt throughout the week as well as using connectives in our everyday language.

We set aside special days throughout the term where we concentrate on Design Technology. You can see how busy the timetable gets!


Children are set termly Extended Learning Challenges. These challenges will cover a range of subjects from Literacy to Art and Science to Information and communications technology (ICT). The children are set three challenges and are strongly encouraged to complete at least one.

The children also have a Homework Book which will be sent home on a weekly basis with the focus alternating between Literacy and Numeracy. Books will be sent home on a Friday ready to be handed in the following Wednesday. The homework activities are intended to compliment the work the children are learning in class as well as prompting discussions and providing an opportunity for parents to work with their child.


Spellings are handed out each Friday and will be tested the following week. The spellings are generated from the phonics lessons and the children keep them in the small, red spelling book. However, if this book is ever misplaced, you can find a copy of them in the weekly newsletter!

Luke the Weekend Bear

Luke is a very important member of Holly class and the children will all have an opportunity to take him home for at least one weekend throughout the year. A child is anonymously chosen each week and they have the pleasure of taking him home and sharing their weekend fun together. The children are encouraged to take photographs of him with them over the weekend or draw a picture. They then get to speak in front of the class and tell us about their adventures. Photographs and pictures, together with a sentence, are then displayed on our display board! He’s travelled far and wide in the time he has spent with us at St Luke’s!

Ms Murray